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We Perform Thorough Repairs on All Makes and Models

AAMCO of Easton provides honest auto repair services to Easton, PA. We work on all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. You want to feel comfortable bringing your Honda, Ford, or Mercedes into a repair shop. Our technicians can work with any vehicle that comes through our doors. We have the resources of AAMCO’s national presence behind us, but we’re independently owned and care about the Easton, PA community. We have decades of experience repairing any car issue you can think of. From transmission failures to engine tune-ups, we have the resources needed to accurately quote the repairs and complete them.

Mechanic holding clipboard with open car engine

We Believe in Honesty First

AAMCO was founded in 1963 and has repaired or replaced over 20 million transmissions during that time. We have a core set of ideals. We offer minimum one-year warranties, use only factory-recommended parts, and work with you to find the best solution to your problem. We want you to exit our shop with the peace of mind that accompanies a warranty. Our dedication to using parts that are equal to or exceed what is already in your vehicle is designed to ease your mind. We take great pride in our ability to find cost-effective solutions for our customers and in our ability to clearly explain what must be done.

We Eliminate Unneeded Repairs with Diagnostic Equipment

We are widely recognized throughout our community as experts in our field. In particular, we are trusted for our ability to repair and replace transmissions. We use sophisticated technology to eliminate guesswork from the equation. Our technicians are able to pinpoint the source of your issue, which eases the cost and time spent repairing your car. Don’t hesitate to bring your prized BMW to AAMCO of Easton.

Check out Our Coupons and Financing Options

We offer a collection of coupons, which you can find on our site. Additionally, we understand that car repairs don’t always come at the right time. That’s why we offer financing plans to those who qualify. If you do qualify, you’ll have access to a generous and flexible payment plan. Our free inspections are also designed to serve our customers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions.

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